Terms & Conditions

Repair time

We endeavor to repair your unit within 1-2 hours, but in peak periods it can take longer. Also, it can happen that we do not have the spare part in stock, which may also extend the repair time. By diagnoses it should be expected that this may take from 1-5 days, because we need more time to test the device.

Spare parts

At Smartrepair.es we always use original spare parts if possible. If we can not get the original part, we will use a Grade A part of high quality.

Subject to lack of spare parts

All repair times are subject to availability of spare parts. Smartrepair.es always have a large stock with most parts, but it can happen that some parts are not in stock and the device, therefore, can not be repaired before the parts is on stock again.

Manufacturer's warranty

On filing unit for repair to Smartrepair.es customer agrees that any warranty on the device by the manufacturer may waive. Smartrepair.es can not be held responsible for apostate warranty after a unit has been repaired.

Warranty at SmartRepair.es

All our parts comes with 1 year warranty. Also all our Second Hand phones has 1 year warranty. Read more here: Warranty Spain.
In addition, there are of course the legal 2 year consumer protection legislation.

Back up data

Customers are responsible for backing up their data within a device is submitted for repair. Smartrepair.es striving to maintain all data on customers devices, but can not be responsible for loss of data in connection with a repair.

Personal information

No personal information recorded by Smartrepair.es, is ever transferred, sold or made available to third parties. All information is stored safely and is accessible only to trusted employees of Smartrepair.es.
When purchasing repairs solicits Smartrepair.es a number of contact information, including name, telephone number and email address. This information is used exclusively for processing your order. The information is stored either electronically or on paper in unencrypted form and stored for five years, see. Accountancy Act.


When repairing the client devices have Smartrepair.es technicians access to confidential information and therefore all employees of Smartrepair.es bound to secrecy.