Samsung repair

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

A3Screen€ 125,-
A3  2016Screen€ 125,-Charging port€ 100,-
A3  2017Screen€ 125,-
A5Screen€ 150,-
A5  2016Screen€ 150,-
A5  2017Screen€ 150,-
A6  2016Screen€ 150,-
A7Screen€ 160,-
A8  2018Screen€ 160,-
A20eScreen€ 120,-
J1  2016Screen€ 80,-
J3  2016Screen€ 100,-
J3  2017Screen€ 100,-
J5  2016Screen€ 120,-Charging port€ 100,-
J5  2017Screen€ 150,-
J7  2016Screen€ 120,-
J7  2017Screen€ 160,-
J8  2018Screen€ 150,-
Screen€ 100,-
S4Screen€ 120,-
S5Screen€ 160,-Charging port€ 100,-
S6Screen€ 180,-Charging port€ 100,-
S6  EdgeScreen€ 180,-Charging port€ 60,-
S7Screen€ 180,-Charging port€ 100,-
S7  EdgeScreen€ 270,-Charging port€ 100,-
S8Screen€ 280,-
S8  PlusScreen€ 280,-
S9  Screen€ 320,-
S9  PlusScreen€ 320,-
S10 PlusScreen€ 340,-
Others, ask for prices

Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Tab 7.0     P6200Screen€ 80,-
Tab 3  7"  T110Screen€ 50,-

Samsung screen


PS: In regards to some of the latest Galaxy models, it may make sense to try your carrier or insurance, as the cost of the replacement Samsung models is higher than average at this time. Please understand that the bulk of the cost of the repair is the part itself, and that we do not wish to charge as much as we have to.

Original service parts

Samsung original screen

We only have original Samsung screens in stock.

Some of them, like the screens for S8, S9 and S10 comes complete with frame and small parts.